Military Enforcement Technology Sales Vs Commercial

Dealing with the Law Enforcement Department, which is an arm of the government is not the same as dealing with commercial businesses. All government departments, the military included, have an authority and some rights that commercial businesses do not possess and a person wishing to deal with the government should have this fact in mind.

Below is a comparison between dealing with the military and getting a commercial business contract:

  • The military enforcement agency can change the purchase order, delivery order or even the contract even when the contract is ongoing without any prior consultation. For a commercial enterprise, any changes that can be done when the project is ongoing can only be done on mutual agreement.
  • A person dealing with the military arm of the government should be open to audits at any time during the delivery of the project. Every record has to be in place and produced on demand unlike dealing with commercial enterprises where only a contract agreement will be required with no demand for audits.
  • The law enforcement agency will only pay for the technology sold to them once it has been successfully installed. The payment can be delayed for up to a month after the completion of the project, unlike commercial contracts where a down payment may be given and the rest of the amount paid as soon as the project is complete.
  • A contract with the military for the sale of a technology can be terminated at any time if the government feels there is need to do so especially if they notice that the technology being installed will not work as anticipated. For the commercial enterprise, however, the contact will be effective until the project is completed unless both parties agree to stop the project under mutual agreement.
  • When dealing with the military arm of the government, a report will be written regarding how well you delivered the services and the duration that the contract took. This report will be considered if you will seek to deliver another service to the military in the future.
  • A person who wants to sell a technology to the military should register with the relevant authorities and pay the required fee. The information submitted will be used when the payment is being made after the completion of the project.

Dealing with the military will earn you more income but you will have to work within the terms set by the governing body. These terms can never be changed and to be able to sell the technology, you will have to abide by them. Working with a commercial enterprise, on the other hand, is easier as you will be able to negotiate the terms that have been set since the company was established and have them changed according to the needs of the contract.

You should also be patient when dealing with the law enforcement agency as their processes are slower and the decision making may take some time. The payment will also be delayed after the installation of the technology but if you are patient enough, you will earn a good sum of money from working with the military.