How to Deal with Flight Cancellations

The cancelations of flights have become a norm with most airlines where no information is given prior to the cancelation or even a delayed flight. The anger that someone canceled your flight and this without bothering to inform you in advance is nerve-wracking. Here is how you can deal with the cancellation of a flight:

  • Maintain your focus: the cancellation of a flight will easily get you confused especially if you were traveling on a tight schedule where an appointment was due in a few hours. Making every attempt to remain cool so that you can think of the next course of action such as informing your boss, or making arrangements to have someone pick you up at the airport will be of great interest to you.

Losing your cool where you pour out your anger on the airline staff will not help as they may also not be aware of the reason behind the cancellation.

  • Eat and drink: In addition to your flight being canceled, being hungry and thirsty will make you more anxious. To- avoid this, look for a restaurant within the airport and take some food and drinks. A full stomach will give you the energy you require to think on what to do next.
  • Ensure that your mobile is fully charged: if your flight is canceled or delayed, you will need to make some calls so that you can have someone pick you up at the airport, cancel the appointment that you could have made immediately after the cancelled flight, or even call friends and family to inform them about the changes.
  • Know the content of the contract of carriage: Every airline has their way of dealing with flight cancelations where the rights of the customers have been clearly stated. If you do not know what is included, this would be the right time to go through them so that you can know the right cause of action to take.
  • Get some sleep: if your flight was delayed for several hours, looking for a place to take a nap which could be at the airport lounge or even looking for a room within the airport premises will help. Some of the airport lounges are reserved for those in the business class but you will be able to access it at a fee.

Getting a flight insurance will also help in the event that your flight is canceled. Though some may regard travel insurance as wastage of resources, having it in this situation will be quite useful as the insurance company will compensate for the loss and ensure that you get the needed help. It is important to ensure that the insurance company is reputable and honors the claims made by their customers in case the risk insured occurs.

A flight cancellation where you are promised to take the next flight means you will be spending some hours idling around the airport. You can take advantage of the airport’s wifi to listen to some music online or watch videos. This will help you to overcome the boredom and make the time less stressful.