Military Enforcement Technology Sales Vs Commercial

Dealing with the Law Enforcement Department, which is an arm of the government is not the same as dealing with commercial businesses. All government departments, the military included, have an authority and some rights that commercial businesses do not possess and a person wishing to deal with the government should have this fact in mind.

Below is a comparison between dealing with the military and getting a commercial business contract:

  • The military enforcement agency can change the purchase order, delivery order or even the contract even when the contract is ongoing without any prior consultation. For a commercial enterprise, any changes that can be done when the project is ongoing can only be done on mutual agreement.
  • A person dealing with the military arm of the government should be open to audits at any time during the delivery of the project. Every record has to be in place and produced on demand unlike dealing with commercial enterprises where only a contract agreement will be required with no demand for audits.
  • The law enforcement agency will only pay for the technology sold to them once it has been successfully installed. The payment can be delayed for up to a month after the completion of the project, unlike commercial contracts where a down payment may be given and the rest of the amount paid as soon as the project is complete.
  • A contract with the military for the sale of a technology can be terminated at any time if the government feels there is need to do so especially if they notice that the technology being installed will not work as anticipated. For the commercial enterprise, however, the contact will be effective until the project is completed unless both parties agree to stop the project under mutual agreement.
  • When dealing with the military arm of the government, a report will be written regarding how well you delivered the services and the duration that the contract took. This report will be considered if you will seek to deliver another service to the military in the future.
  • A person who wants to sell a technology to the military should register with the relevant authorities and pay the required fee. The information submitted will be used when the payment is being made after the completion of the project.

Dealing with the military will earn you more income but you will have to work within the terms set by the governing body. These terms can never be changed and to be able to sell the technology, you will have to abide by them. Working with a commercial enterprise, on the other hand, is easier as you will be able to negotiate the terms that have been set since the company was established and have them changed according to the needs of the contract.

You should also be patient when dealing with the law enforcement agency as their processes are slower and the decision making may take some time. The payment will also be delayed after the installation of the technology but if you are patient enough, you will earn a good sum of money from working with the military.


Military enforcement technology Sales Requirements

With most of the companies and individuals shying away from selling their technology to the government, a person who will be able to get into this market will not only get a big monetary reward but will also create an avenue where he will get bigger contracts in the future.

Though the process of selling your technology to the government is complex where you have to go through a long and complicated cycle, the reward will be great as the military have funds that are set aside for use in technology. A small project with the military could be an avenue that will earn you a bigger and a longer contract.

Some of the requirements before embarking on selling your technology to the government include:

  • Complete belief in your technology: The military is a sensitive arm of the government and to sell a technology to them, you have to be sure of how it works and the impact it will have on its operations. You will be vetted and asked to demonstrate how the technology will positively impact the military and if you fail that test, you will lose on the golden opportunity of earning millions from the government.
  • Think long-term: A person who wishes to sell his technology to the government should not have the mentality of earning some quick cash. You have to be patient and focus on a long-term payoff that will get you more instead of the get rich schemes that will earn you a small income to day and before you know it, the contract is over.
  • Have a great success story: A technology sale to the military will not be a deal that will be over in a few meetings with the relevant authorities. You should have installed different technology apps for other clients who will be willing to recommend you to the government. This will reassure the military that you can be trusted and dealing with you will not be putting their money at risk.
  • Get a dedicated team: To successfully sell your technology to the military, you should have someone who will be fully engaged in learning how the military work and understand their language. This will ensure that you use the right approach when selling your idea to them. A person who does not have any idea of how the military operates will have a harder time convincing the authorities to buy his technology.
  • Have a workable delivery structure: There are different departments in the military and they interact in the day to day running of their operations. If you are given a contract to deliver a technology by one of the departments, be sure to give it your best as this will determine whether you will be contacted for future contracts. Keep time when it comes to the delivery of any projects that have been entrusted to you and this will ensure that any time a technology installation is required, you will be the first to be considered.

You should ensure that all your tools are ready before reaching out to the military for a technology sale so that you will be able to handle any concern that may be raised. You should also make sure that you have a good delivery history with all your past clients so that they can sing your praises which will increase your chances of getting more contracts.


Law Enforcement Technology Sales Benefits

Dealing with the law enforcement department will require a lot of commitment, patience, and dedication in the delivery of the required technology. However, the multiple benefits associated with such contracts outweigh the challenges that one has to go through when installing the technology. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fair business opportunities: Unlike commercial enterprises which will award contracts based on friendship and other unjustifiable reasons, a law enforcement technology sale contract will be awarded based on a fair process which gives opportunities for the small businesses to compete with the larger business and get the contracts if they offer better terms.
  • Larger market: Once you get an opportunity to sell a technology to the military, you will be able to get more lucrative contracts with the other arms of the government based on how well you were able to execute the task. The military will also keep contacting you in case there will be a need for the installation of other technologies.
  • You will acquire a trusted status: After dealing with the military, you will gain a more prestigious status as you will be recognized as one of the government suppliers. This means that any time you will apply for the award of another tender advertised by other arms of the government, you will stand a better chance of getting the job.
  • Increased knowledge in the technology field: When dealing with the military which is an arm of government that is advanced in technology, you will be able to learn more skills that will better the delivery of your services in the future.
  • It will be a great opportunity to know how your competitors work and up your game out of the things learned from your interactions with them.
  • Getting on with a law enforcement technology sale will allow you to learn some new trends in the market such as the requirements that will qualify you for great opportunities in the future.

Despite the many benefits that will be accrued out of working with the government, it is important to remember that there are downsides as well when dealing with the government. The worst of them is having your contract terminated without any prior notice. You will also be dealing with government employees some of whom regard contractors as lesser beings and will do anything to see them fail in their duties.

The payment after the completion of a military enforcement technology sale will also take a while before it is approved and processed. This means if you had some employees that were assisting you in the delivery of the services to the military; you will be forced to look for funds to settle them from another source as you wait for your pay.

Keeping every record within reach is another requirement as the bosses may require to go through it at any time. You will be audited and if any anomalies are noted, you will lose the contract which will lead to huge loses. However, if you will be able to work within the requirements set by the governing body in the military, you will earn a lot and receive further considerations if your services will be satisfactory.